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The Choice Corporation, one of the largest businesses in the Ultraverse, conducted extensive research into how to appeal to all cultures. They opted on creating a spokesmodel, thus Choice was created; a bio-engineered woman who incorporates elements of all cultures to make her as appealing as possible. She was set-up as a crime fighter to increase her image and along the way she met Hardcase. Choice Corporation's CEO Bob Dixon couldn't leave well enough alone and thus used Amy's mental conditioning to make her his mistress. However, her relationship with Hardcase and Dixons constant sexual abuse broke down her mental barriers and gave her the strength to rebel against the Choice Corporation and set out to discover who she was and regain the life that was taken from her. She discovered that a part of her brain belonged to Hardcase's old lover Starburst which is why she sought him out and helped to create her feelings for him.

In their search, Choice discovered that along with her body, the Choice Corporation had also incorporated elements from different people into her brain, in particular from Hardcases old team The Squad's Starburst and Forsa. She was kidnapped by the mages of Xuria to be their champion and defeat the monster known as Xorn. However, she had also learned she was pregnant with Hardcase's baby. In the meantime Hardcase came looking for his girlfriend. Choice defeated the mad Xorn and while she wanted to stay and help the people, she knew she couldn't due to her baby and thus returned to Hardcase.

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