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Chloe Sampson is the daughter of the legendary superhero couple Sheldon and Grace Sampson, and sister to Brandon Sampson. Because of the powers she inherited from them, her parents expect her to join the family business, but Chloe believes that as a vegetarian and a Buddhist, the conflict that superheroes are naturally drawn to contradicts her belief system. This is the source of a good deal of tension between her parents and her.

Chloe spends most of her time sponsoring charities, which her brother Brandon claims is only so that major corporations will approach her for sponsorship in turn. Her love life stands in the shadow of her parents' reputation as well: her mother's superpowers make her appear youthful even though she is nearly a hundred years old, and as a consequence Chloe finds that boys often hit on her just to get her mother's phone number. She doesn't date men from the superhero community either, as she feels it would be too much like dating her father, and instead prefers to date "disappointing bad boys".

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