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China White is the leader of a heroin cartel. Her opium fields and refinery were on an unnamed island. She had enslaved the natives of the island to work for her. She supplied the bulk of heroin for Pacific Rim.

Though her real name is Chien Na-Wei, and everyone calls her this, except Oliver Queen, who when Hackett first mentioned her, he mistakingly called her China White, and he continued to use this name for her. Hackett initially tells Ollie that she was building resorts in Fiji, and that Ollie should invest 14 million dollars in to this production. But really Hackett was working with her and was getting Ollie's money to fund her drug operations. She killed Hackett, when he was fighting Oliver, as she had promised she would if he did not kill Oliver. She has said to Oliver that she does not have a heart, acknowledging her own cruelty. She was stopped and arrested by Oliver Queen, with the help of Taiana, and inhabitant of the island.

In Other Media


* Kelly Hu portrays China White in the Arrow live-action series. China White is the leader of the triads in Starling City. China has been working with an export magnate named Martin Somers. Somers handles the triads drug exports and imports and in return China keeps Somers rich as well as protected. Unfortunately for Somers, Ollie has reason to believe that Somers may have been one of the conspirators who orchestrated the attempted assassination on him and the murder of his father. Arrow confronts Somers with his latest involvement in the murder of a young girl's father but Ollie fails to apprehend him. Somers contacts China White to take out the Arrow and deal with Dinah Lance who is prosecuting Somers. Arrow takes another shot at Somers after China tried to murder Dinah in her apartment. Ollie makes Somers confess to the murder and combats China to a standstill.

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