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Chill was a thug who was given confiscated weapons by the Penguin, in return for helping him keep control over the Gotham underground. Chill grew up in the worst parts of Gotham, giving him the impression that he was tougher than any of the costumed crook of the day. He led the New Rogues during the Gotham gang war, and afterwards.

The New Rogues later joined Libra's Secret Society of Super-Villains. They kidnapped Captain Cold's father in an attempt to blackmail the Rogues into working with the Society. The plan backfired, and the Rogues easily killed the New Rogues, making an example out of them for Libra to see.

Chill was killed when Captain Cold trapped him in a wide beam blast from his gun, then shot him point black with the more powerful freeze ray.

Powers and Abilities

Chill had a cold gun capable of shooting at absolute zero. He never really mastered it, and was only capable of shooting icy blasts.

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