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Chief Tugg was the chief of the Horse Tribe, a tribe of neanderthals from prehistoric times who fought on horseback. Tugg had two daughters: an older one named Ita and a younger one named Embra.

Tugg offering Anthro a chance at his daughter

When Anthro of the Bear Tribe wanted Embra's hand in marriage, Tugg tricked Anthro, he had Anthro perform various feats of strength for the Horse Tribe, including riding a wild horse. When Anthro succeeded, Tugg offered Anthro Ita's hand in marriage. Horse Tribe laws required that the eldest of sisters always marries first. When Anthro fled in panic, Tugg sent the tribe after him. Anthro escaped, and he and Embra decided to wait until Ita was married.

That day came not too far later. When Tugg and Bear Tribe leaders Ne-Ahn and Do-Ahn discussed the merging of the tribes, they decided to have a contest for Ita's hand in marriage. However, because of Ita's looks, Tug decided to throw in some horses to sweeten the deal. The contest was won by a red-haired Bear Tribe member Grog, and Grog and Ita were married. With Ita now married off, Tugg could marry Embra off to Anthro, who was the son of the chief of the Bear Tribe. This alliance cemented the merging of the Horse Tribe into the Bear Tribe.

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