Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Debut of Chewbacca!

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 “The Chewbacca sounds were sourced from the same bank as the original films, but Dave Filoni and Matt Wood thought it would be nice to get a small sample of my voice mixed in,” says Mayhew. “This goes back to everyone at Lucasfilm feeling that they needed me to portray the character in every way possible. After so many years of being asked to do the growl for fans, I’ve found that I’m actually quite good at it. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the series. The animation is amazing, and they really captured the essence of Chewie. As soon as I saw it I said ‘that’s it. He’s there. That’s Chewbacca.’”

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Chewie plus original Theme music!

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Yes chewies in there
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itss a woookie - man she sounded high when she said that
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Wookieness ftw

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wow i might actually watch this.
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I am definitely watching this.
Thanks for uploading the video guys.

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@Dark Cell said:
" itss a woookie - man she sounded high when she said that "
Most be a force high, lol.
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This season has added a lot of character from the movies. Quigon Juinn and Chewbacca. Well, that's not a lot but it is more then in the past.
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 OHHHHHHH,What a wookie!
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@G-Man: I now might have to check this episode out. The last couple of episodes have been really boring lately.
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you know if you miss the friday showing of the clone wars you can catch it again on sunday in the 8pm hour
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For those of you that didn't understand what Chewbacca said, heres a rough translation "Stand back bitches, Epicness coming through"

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Waiting for the origin of Han Solo and his parents. Waiting for the Falcon to appear. Lando and just about every character. Secrets revealed isn't doing anything more for me but putting obligatory winks to the audience.

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this season sucked.  total let down. 
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hopefully Chewy doesn't speak english unlike almost all the Aliens in this show
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Okay, so Han Solo isn't born yet and was born like right before Anakin became Darth Vader right? So how old is Chewbacca from the original trilogy Star Wars movies and also the comics? He's got to be at least in his 50's or so right?

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@goldenkey said:
                this season sucked.  total let down. 

The first half, definitely.  But the two subsequent story arcs since the break have been great.  Sidious ordering Dooku to eliminate Ventress and her plan for vengeance going wrong with Savage Opress was a great three episode arc with character developement for the villains, something we've nearly never had, certainly not from the atrocious prequel films. 
The second arc with the three force-wielders on Mortis was maybe the first genuinely intriguing new concept in Star Wars since the introduction of the Expanded Universe.  Seriously, I can't think of anything in recent Star Wars memory that sparked that same sense of wonder as that first episode "Overlords".  Very imaginative material. 
The third season hasn't been as consistent as the second season, but it's improving.  The differences between the first and second halves of this season are startling; going from endless dull political "thriller" stories to mythic adventure tales, which is what Star Wars is at its best.   
One does wonder if they plan to have one or two more seasons, given the new redesigns for the characters and the implied passage of time. 
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This is getting a tad silly now.. soon every character is going to be in a retcon nightmare with the films as everyone will have met everyone else :S its bad enough R2 and C3P0 having been everywhere met everyone and that Lucas had to wipe memories in order to be able to try and keep some sense to it all..

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