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The issue opens up, with Poyo about to get cybernetic implants in a Government Medical Facility. Still unconscious from being shot by terrorist (see CHEW 18), Director Peñya is convincing the President of the United States that implementing Poyo with cyborg enhancements will benefit the country. After the doctors successfully brought Poyo back from the brink of death, they immediately send his on a mission in England to stop a mad scientist. When Poyo arrives in England, he is partnered up with Agent Barnes to stop Dr. Regenbogen from making animals fall from the sky. It is revealed that Regenbogen is the top expert in Ranapuliva, which allows him to bend the natural laws of science and make it rain animals.

When Poyo and Barnes arrive at Regenbogen's secret base, Poyo leaps into battle but leaves Barnes behind who eventually gets captured by Regenbogen's men. Poyo has little success of capturing Regenbogen, as he is eventually placed in the sky in Regenbogen's mad scheme to make the world rain animals if his demands for a billion dollars is not met. In the end, Poyo rescues Barnes and kills Regenbogen for killing his chicken girlfriend with lightning, and it is seen that the Chogs worship Poyo like a god back at the USDA base.

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