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Tony needs to eat Toni's toe to get her help on defeating the Vampire Cibopath, but before that happens Tony has to help his older brother fight against, food porn?!? Also, now that Savoy is behind bars, what is his and Colby's next move?

The Good

If you have ever read an issue of CHEW, you know then that writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory have fun with this series. It makes sense that the ideal of food porn powers in a series about people with strange food abilities would be the means of a funny issue, right? Yes!

While not the funniest issue of CHEW, this is probably a good contender for one of the funniest. This issue does play backseat to the entire "prepare to kill the Vampire cibopath", but it does throw out some questions that will be answered in later issues. One of the questions being: "Since Toni knew that Tony would more than likely eat more of the toe, is this all part of the plan to kill the Vampire?" Because there are allusions that Toni knows of events that are going to happen really late in the series. So this is more than likely development in the story solely because of that fact. But it was good to see how John Layman took the reader from point A to B and gave us a related/unrelated story to help spark some questions.

The artwork by Rob Guillory, it speaks for itself, am I right? You either hate it or love it, but really, who could possibly hate his artwork?

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

This series gets better and better! John Layman and Rob Guillory do an outstanding job with this series and issue 38 of this series should be answering some of the questions that were raised within this issue. So overall 5 out of 5.

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