super_man_23's Chew #31 - Bad Apples, Part 1 of 5 review

Chew 31

The second half of CHEW starts here. Writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory are ready to close opened doors and answer unanswered questions.

The Good

If you know what happened in the last issue, you may also know that John Layman is getting ready for a big fight. While Layman does not immediately get into the detail at this time, I am confident that this issue will act as a stepping stone. Tony and John are once again agents of the F.D.A. and looking into the chicken cultist from issue 20. Ultimately, allowing John Layman to explain the reason [and connection] behind the sky writing and people with food powers. This is a good start for the second half of the series as Layman is beginning to answer questions, not ask more.

Sometimes writers have a particular place where they want to end a series, however they begin to make the story ask more questions and give few answers. Then once the series gets towards the end, the ending is bland or hard to comprehend [like the ending of Lost]. John Layman is smart at making this move, with closing doors that he opened in previous issues [i.e. the strange space fruit], Layman is ultimately making this series better.

There is no change in artist for this series. Rob Guillory's artwork is just outstanding and makes this series just a grand pleasure to read.

The highlight of this issue [for me] was appearances made by John Layman and Rob Guillory.

The Bad

While I was hoping that Tony Chu would go one-on-one with the Vampire Cibopath for killing Toni Chu, I do understand that this is just the first issue for the second half of the series. I was just hoping that, that would be taken care of right away without any lingering.

The Verdict

This is a good start for the first issue of the second half of the series as John Layman and Rob Guillory are beginning to close stories that left readers [including me] with more questions than answers. Chu and Colby are on the hunt for Chicken cultist and their connection to the space writing and hopefully that will begin to give some closure to the series. The story was well written, except for Tony not going after the Vampire Cibopath for killing Toni and the artwork by Guillory is outstanding. Expect a review for each issue of the second half of the series.

Next issue:

Chew 32 [rhyme]


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