roxanne_starr's Chew #3 - Taster's Choice, Part 3 of 5 review

Amelia's Foodie Duty

Uh oh...this is what I was afraid of.  The Chew storyline is sliding downhill. 
I thought the writing was more interesting in issue #2 than issue #1, but the introduction of Amelia caused me some trepidation. Introducing a romantic interest (that didn't exist from the very beginning) in a comic so soon makes the whole storyline seem rushed and turns the whole project into a "love comic." I would have preferred for Chu to have a few more adventures working for the FDA before being sidetracked by a woman. So, now we have the third issue of the series almost totally revolving around Tony's infatuation with this restaurant reviewer.
Will this be an ongoing series or just a 5-issue mini? The breakneck speed at which Layton is taking this book makes me wonder if he will even have enough material to take it to #5. I hope I'm proven wrong, but right now I have a problem. I haven't had enough time to get to know and empathize with Tony to care whether or not he gets his girl.
The art, as usual, is fabulous.


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    Tony Chu meets the girl of his dreams, Amelia Mintz!The GoodIn this story, Tony Chu finally meets the girl that has alluded him the past couple of issues, Amelia Mintz! Amelia is a Saboscrivner, which gives her the food ability to write about food so accurately and vividly that people, actually, taste whatever meal she writes about. However, after vividly writing about a restaurant that ignores the health code; it looks Amelia might be out of the job if the F.D.A. get their way!This was a great ...

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    After reading Roxanne's review, I agree that I hope this comic can sustain itself. But the introduction of Amelia does not bother me at all. You see I think that Tony is more in love with her writing ability than her as a person. Oh she has superb writing ability.   The title of the book almost takes on a new meaning with the introduction of a third main character; people chew on her words and words are the one thing that a cibopath can partake of and not get utterly nauseated. Do I like this Am...

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