ironhawk22's Chew #29 - Space Cakes, Part 4 of 5 review

The Collector..

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Plot: As Toni, Agent Colby, and Caesar zero in on the Collector Poyo is off fighting and being awesome!

The Art. Continues to be great. Nothing new here. The humorous Easter eggs are great and I enjoy finding them. The cover is a bit bland compared to past covers.

The Story and Script: The dialogue is spot on and funny, the scene where Colby and the gang find the Collector and Colby tells him to freeze reminded me a lot of Doakes from Dexter. Toni continues to shine in this series, she's so freaking awkward it's hilarious. I love the scene where she figures out that lady's secret. I really hope Toni continues to play a role in the series. With the ending of this issue, that seems to be the case. The running joke with Caesar and Toni is starting to get old(and Toni seems to agree).

Poyo only appears once on a double page spread, but he continues to steal the show. I really feel bad for poor Agent Colby. The Collector/vampire seems to be a pretty big threat which is why I'm a bit confused on how their going to take him down before the end of this arc. Though if the cover of the next issue has anything to say about it, than we may be seeing a different side of the vampire.

Overall: Pick this issue up it's great, as is the series.


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