ironhawk22's Chew #28 - Space Cakes, Part 3 of 5 review

Chew: Animals!

Plot: In Space Cakes Part Three, John and Poyo enlist Tony's help! Also POYO V.S. TONI! The Art. Awesome, I love the cover and the logo is amazing! I love seeing the Chew gang as animals. Something I've mentioned before is how much I love the continuity with the art, Tony's room still looks the same and even the cards and balloons are the same. It's just pretty cool. Story. So we finally learn more on how Toni and that one guy know each other(I don't recall his name) and it's pretty darn funny. Poyo is just..I mean really do I need to say anything? Probabally not but I will. Poyo is a total badass, I hope when this series ends we can get a Poyo and Colby ongoing. What I didn't like is that what happens on the cover doesn't exactly happen like it does in the issue. I mean it does but we don't get to see a couple of the characters as animals which is a little dissapointing. This issue is still great, and fun but it isn't as good as Poyo's one-shot last month. Overall: Really read this book. It's so good, even if this issue wasn't as good as Poyo's one-shot it's still great.


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