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'Space Cakes,' Part One

'Open the door, sir. I'm Toni Chu, Agent of NASA. I'm here to lick your paintings.'

Toni Chu is visiting her brother, Tony, in the hospital talking about what had transpired recently in her life. When Agent Valenzano walked into the room to give Tony a present, Valenzano recognized Toni, but didn't know when he first met her. It was revealed that Toni had met Valenzano when she was still working for N.A.S.A., when Valenzano was called back to work, Toni had to leave to go to the N.A.S.A. agency. When Toni arrived at work, she was greeted by Jacob Butterfield whom was a colleague of her during her career as a N.A.S.A. scientist. Jacob told Toni that he needed her help because the Psychedelic Chogs he had been breeding were stollen by D-Bear.

Toni went to the Chicken Speakeasy with her boss/partner Captain Paneer Sharma. When the two found D-Bear he made a run for it immediately, however Toni got a bite out of D-Bear and she saw his future which showed that he would get hit by a bus. Back at the hospital, Toni was visiting her brother again, but to her knowledge she found out he was already being visited by someone else. A distraught Tony thinking that his girlfriend was in his hospital room soon found out that a mysterious visitor had entered his room.

A View To A Pill Plot Summary

John Colby and a handful of F.D.A. doctors were visiting Tony Chu in the hospital to discuss with him about ingesting a designer drug. Tony Chu knew of the drug he was about to ingest and also how high the fatality rate was, but Colby assured his friend that he and the doctors would be checking his vital signs while he was under the drugs side affects. After 3 days of insane hallucinations, Tony finally came around and told Colby of where the drug was manufactured. In the end, the F.D.A. doctor mentioned to Tony that his ordeal wasn't over. He mentioned that Tony would feel a fever, chills, muscle spasms, and violent nausea for eight more hours. In the end, Tony journeyed back into the craziness of a designer drug. John Layman's P.S.A. was: "Hey Kids! Don't do fictional designer drugs with 80% fatality rates!"

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Giving You A 2nd Helping, Since You Can't Resist! 0

Yes, issue 27 WAS released last year (2011 for those who are reading this in the future, future) as just a test showing future events that was going to transpire in CHEW. After the release of Chew issue 26 last month (May 23, 2012, for those who are reading this review in the future), John and Rob have released this book in the correct order. Plus, John Layman and Rob Guillory have added the, A View To Phil, story which was released at Hero Comics 2011.The GoodJohn Layman and Rob Guillory delive...

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