thanosrules's Chew #23 - Major League Chew, Part 3 of 5 review

What's Up, Buttercup?

Highly Recommended!

Another home run! I am not sure if I will ever find fault with this series. Seriously. It is amazing. It is as if they have the entire thing written and drawn, and all they have to do is split it up into edible bits for us and the publisher... hmm... There is so much going on, so much hinging on the continuity of the series, everything means something. The attention to detail and subtlety still astonishes me. Do not miss one bit of the background art - or you may miss some great sub-text and innuendo.

This isschew is no exception. We get a lot more Agent Colby in this part of the arc. We see what he has to work with and who he really works for. In the end, he handles it like a real champ. While Colby's luck may be turning around, Tony continues to have that "Chu Luck" - this time he is forced to recall intimate details about legendary figures of "America's favorite past-time" - all for profit - rest assured, not his.

One request, can the USDA get an upgrade for the "Littermeister 4000!" ? - surely there as to be a 20000 series by now. :)

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