thanosrules's Chew #22 - Major League Chew, Part 2 of 5 review

Chew Got A Deal

Highly Recommended!

Things just keep getting better and better. Well, not for Tony, but the content of the story still keeps bringing a lot to the table - and just when you think you know everything about the CHEWniverse, you start to really understand you have only peeled back the first few layers of the onion. More powers. More talents. More violence. More death. More unsettling appetites. Sixths Please!

In this isschew, we see a lot less Tony and a lot more supporting characters. Which is great, as this arc munches on, we see all the various plot threads mix and flourish. At the end of this book, we see where the arc gets its "America's favorite past-time" flavored name as well as Tony's next meal. Olive where this arc is headed!

Be sure to check out the rest of the menu for more tasty Volume and Issue Rechews!


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    Cibo-whaath 0

    It's strange, I don't know what brought me to this book, when you get down to it the premise makes no sense it's strange it's weird at times over the top and goofy, however, I know what makes me stay. With Savoy having kidnapped Olive it looks as if he is training his own little robin, a true Gal Friday to whatever he is. With Tony still down in the dumps over being a traffic cop there wasn't much for him to do in this issue and there is no loss in that. John Layman loses nothing when he draws a...

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