sixsoda's Chew #22 - Major League Chew, Part 2 of 5 review


It's strange, I don't know what brought me to this book, when you get down to it the premise makes no sense it's strange it's weird at times over the top and goofy, however, I know what makes me stay. With Savoy having kidnapped Olive it looks as if he is training his own little robin, a true Gal Friday to whatever he is. With Tony still down in the dumps over being a traffic cop there wasn't much for him to do in this issue and there is no loss in that. John Layman loses nothing when he draws away from the main cast to the side characters. The dialog always has me laughing more than any comic ever really should. There are a lot of in jokes in the book and it makes it hard for just anyone to pick up but true fans know what they get when they open these pages. The artwork also holds it's own unique flair, I can't seem to draw like Guillory, and he is so good at hinting at things in the background. Rounding up to the plate Major League Chew is a story line that has me wrapped.

The Good

Without jumping the shark this book remains true to it's roots. There is a mystery beyond that main story line that's always just hovering in the foreground.

The Bad

It's a little dark sometimes.

Buy it?


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