themaskedhero's Chew #2 - Taster's Choice, Part 2 of 5 review

Sushi and Ninjas

Fresh into his first day working with the FDA and Tony Chu is over his head in paperwork from ice cold cases. His new boss is a d&%$ and his slowly beginning to find out that his new partner Agent Savory is a little more then he seems.

The case for the day involves a finger found on a fast food hamburger that leads to an underground sushi gang. And it only gets better, there are ninjas. These ninjas wear suits, so they're serious. Oh and Savory rocks their world.

Tony seems to be slowly understanding how his new role at the FDA, which is the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world, and there are a few scenes that made me laugh when the burger-flipper gets overconfident. I enjoy this series, but not enough to actually buy it, just borrow it from my local comic book savior across the street. But I would point anyone towards this new series for a good laugh.

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