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Revelations Galore

Chew relishes in its unpredictability and loose adherence to comic structure, so it should come as no surprise that this month's issue features a rather interesting prologue that had me quite worried at first.

It's hard to review issues of Chew without giving up too many spoilers, but it shouldn't be too much to say that Toni, one of my favorite characters from the book, partners up with Tony to investigate a real mystery in Area 51. What I love most about Chew is that the narrative has been slowly, but surely building and stacking and tiny clues from each issue do have payoffs. No doubt lots of the revelations in Chew 19 will have very interesting implications as this arc comes to a close.

The time skip to issue #27 contained neat hints about issue #19, including a secret that Toni has been keeping from the readers since the Thanksgiving issue, the implications of which may bear interesting results on Tony's daughter, Olive (although the genetics of it, considering they are fraternal twins, doesn't necessarily make sense).

Anyway, I'm rambling about the plot here, but Guillory and Layman have done it again. Stunning art, hilarious and interesting writing, and the complete package of awesomeness. I can't wait to see where this story goes from here.


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