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FLAMBE,' Part Three

USDA Suicide mission! Boobs! Germ warfare! And a very, very special guest star!

The issue's prologue opens up 18 months in the past with Mason Savoy and Caesar Valenzano talking to a fellow F.D.A. agent, Daniel Migdalo, about advice on stopping a war criminal from causing another avian flu virus. Migdalo tells the two agents that Jontongjoo will not be a problem for a long while because he has insignificant means to replicate the avian flu. Back in the present, Tony Chu and John Colby have been sent on insane suicide missions by their boss, Mike Applebee. When Colby complains to Applebee that he and Tony are being treated unfairly, mission wise, Applebee just sends the two agents back into the field on a suicide mission with the U.S.D.A.

Tony and John are briefed along with multiple U.S.D.A. agents on the mission at hand -- to kill Jontongjoo, whom has almost completed his bio weapon! 0400 hours later, the F.D.A. and the U.S.D.A. agents move out to accomplish their mission. However, as they pursue Jontongjoo many of the U.S.D.A. agents are killed in the process, making Tony and Colby's job a lot harder. Thinking that they were both going to die anyway, the two agents press the 'doomsday' button and unleash a devastating weapon of death itself -- Poyo! In the end, Poyo kills all the guards including Jontongjoo, but he is seemingly killed in the process as well.

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