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Review: Chew #15

Tony Chew's reunion with his extended family may prove to be just as twisted as his adventures on the cibopathic beat.

The Good

The opening scene, putting the reader into the mind's eye of cibopathy, is truly virtuoso. Layman and Guillory are you giving you something truly involving and original here, and it's truly exciting. Even the double spread with all the captions about the Chu family so alive in its spontanteity (and I was so tickled to see Oni's editor, Charlie Chu, included in the mix.) It's amazing how involving they were able to make an devoted almost entirely to a simple Thanksgiving dinner.

The Bad

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to read the rest of this arc, so I know there are some allusions I'm missing. But, actually, this series is modular enough (that is, accessible and self-contained while still working as part of a serial) that I really didn't feel like I was missing out.

The Verdict - 5/5

This is book is just pure, unadulterated fun and creativity, and I can't tell you how immensely pleased I am to see an independent series doing so well like this when it's so offbeat. And to do well that it's got such high production values and an expansive fold-out cover! If you haven't already seen what's so good for yourself, then take this bite before getting the full meal of the wonderful collections that are coming out.
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