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Cibopath showdown!

The issue opens up with a flashback scene of Tony's past with one particular women -- Min Tso. Min Tso was Tony's one true love and he loved her so much that he proposed to her, however it turned out that Min wasn't entirely sane. After she gave Tony her toe, Tony began to see the crazy in his -- soon to be -- wife. Back in the present, Tony is remembering his past relationship because a recorded message -- left by Dan Franks -- was on Amelia's answering machine talking about how bad Tony was as a human being. When Amelia tells Tony that everything will be all right with their relationship as Tony is 'not like other guys', Tony quickly forgets the past and is ready for bed. However, he checks his phone messages left by Colby to see if they have finally got a trace on Mason Savoy. As Tony realizes that Colby has left multiple messages in the past hour, notifying that they have spotted Savoy, Tony leaves immediately and heads to the location.

Once at the location, Tony is yelled at by Mike Applebee that he failed to do his job and that he placed John's life in jeopardy. Inside, Savoy is monologuing about how he let John survive and that if he meets him again -- John won't leave alive! Savoy soon hears movement and quickly hides. Tony sees the memories of the different agents that Savoy attacked and eventually witnesses the conversation between Savoy and Colby. Savoy tells Colby that he could work for him and be an inside man feeding him information, but Colby refuses because Savoy ripped off Tony's ear. The next night, Caesar tells Savoy that Tony has been keeping lots of files on Savoy -- even though Savoy threatened Tony that he would eat his ear and target his loved ones. Savoy decided that it was his time to tip the scales of power into his favor. The next morning, Amelia wakes Tony up screaming and she runs out before Tony arrives in the kitchen. In the end, Tony looks at the toe that he kept in an ice bag saddened that his girlfriend left him.

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