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Review: Chew #10

The "International Flavor" story arc concludes with Agent Chu up to neck in pro-chicken guerillas and pretend vampires. He might not come out of this with a drumstick for his troubles, but he might just get a date out of the whole experience.
What's enjoyable about this series is that there really aren't too many points of reference you can compare it to. This isn't a case of "this TV show" meets "that movie", or even "this comic" meets "that comic." Just the ideas of a guy who can absorb so much information from simply eating something (which is succinctly summarized on the recap page) or a similar guy who's pretending to be a vampire are things you're not going to find anywhere else on the shelves.  I like the whole PSA about chicken at the beginning, and the ensuing serious international operation revolving simply around chicken. And Rob Guillory's art is amazing... slick, polished and almost always funny in itself.
I know it's silly to split hairs, but I was kind of irked by the guerillas shouting, "For pollo!" Unless that's intentionally supposed to be "Spanglish", I felt like I wanted to correct the comic with a sharpie and replace "for" with "por."

I've heard a lot of rave reviews regarding this book along with reports of its surprisingly high sales, so there was a lot of hype to live up to. While it wasn't a mind-blowing experience, it was still a fun ride with equal servings of comedy and weird concepts (like the fake vampire empath guy). I read John Layman's Puffed series back in the day, so it's good to see that his brand of humor has endured and is getting recognition. I encourage you to check it out.


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