roxanne_starr's Chew #1 - Taster's Choice, Part 1 of 5 review

Chu Chews

I like the art. A little bit Sam Keith, a little bit Humberto Ramos. Not as good as Keith, but a lot better than Ramos in my opinion. Both the style and the layouts are pretty decent. There were a couple of spots that I had to examine for awhile before I could tell what was going on, but this Rob Guillory guy is new and given time, I'm sure his storytelling skills will improve.

Now to the writing. John Layman is a veteran, so I'm going to be more critical in evaluating his work on this. I like the premise. I like it a lot! But I thought that the script could have been quite a bit funnier. John has it in him, so I was disappointed. I'm hoping the issue #2 (Tony going to work for the F.D.A.) drives the story up a notch.


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    (see the original at Yesterday, I read Chew #1 on my phone while waiting at the doctor's office. I've been thinking about it ever since. I couldn't agree more with squares's review on ComicVine: it is the most perfectest #1 issue to a comicbook I have ever read. Period. I had heard of Chew before, mostly because of the hubbub it caused when it was possibly being made into a TV show on Showtime, until it wasn't, and then it was going to be a mov...

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    This has to be the best introductory comic I have ever read!It's perfect- the story starts off with explaining the character, and then sets up a rather familiar scene of two policemen on patrol. The added element of chicken makes the situation outlandish enough to be interesting, and then the perfect twist- the chef is using human flesh to make the soup. By the time you come to the scene where Chu actually confronts the killer you're hooked, and re-introducing Chu's Cibopathy is a master stroke....

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