roxanne_starr's Chew #1 - Taster's Choice, Part 1 of 5 review

Chu Chews

I like the art. A little bit Sam Keith, a little bit Humberto Ramos. Not as good as Keith, but a lot better than Ramos in my opinion. Both the style and the layouts are pretty decent. There were a couple of spots that I had to examine for awhile before I could tell what was going on, but this Rob Guillory guy is new and given time, I'm sure his storytelling skills will improve.

Now to the writing. John Layman is a veteran, so I'm going to be more critical in evaluating his work on this. I like the premise. I like it a lot! But I thought that the script could have been quite a bit funnier. John has it in him, so I was disappointed. I'm hoping the issue #2 (Tony going to work for the F.D.A.) drives the story up a notch.


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    Tony Chu is a cop with a strange ability. Most cops come with a pretty normal background; something to prove, something to lose, and are just in it to shoot someone. However, Tony Chu is not most cops, he's got a power that allows him to get psychic impressions of anything, or anyone's, past. That ability will come in handy more times than once, in this first issue of something beautiful! Lets dive in!You ready for this?For those that need a reason to be following, writer John Layman and artist ...

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