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Chet is one of the few normal friends David has. Chet is David's oldest friend and they have known each other since they were children, as David recalls watching a specific film with Chet when they were both 9. Chet is the same age as David, but appears older, due to him not having the nanomachines David has. He doesn't push David for details of his adventures, but seems to accept that part of David's life, making very normal jibes at his abilities, the kind one would expect from longtime friends. He seems fairly serious, barely changing his expression as he watches David change paper into popcorn and then pretends to berate him for using his takeout menu. The 2 have reached a stage in their friendship where few words are required. He appears to be a movie buff, as David is normally the one going to Chet to watch movies, and his home is decorated with some posters and action figures. Hanging out and watching movies with Chet has apparently been a lifelong passtime, but lately it serves to help David distract himself from the weird world he's been drawn into. 
Chet is also a smoker.

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