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Maria was born in a small village just outside of Cuernavaca. Maria grew stronger and taller than any other man in her village, and learned to defend herself. She was discovered at the age of nineteen by a vacationing wrestling promoter after roughing up one of the local street-punks. Traveling to Mexico City, Maria signed on as luchadora and began her wrestling career under the name of Chesty Sanchez. Due to a clerical error, Chesty's first match was scheduled to be with the male wrestler called El Terror Negro. Despite the mix-up, Chesty won the match and thereby the respect of the lucha libre fans. Chesty became a popular icon of the lucha libre circuit until allegations arose that she had been cheating in her matches and illegal drugs and dirty money where found in her dressing room. Unable to defend herself against such accusations, Maria resolved to retire and avoid the lime-light.

One day while working at her father's store, Maria was approached by taxi-driver Pedro "Trompeto" Alvarez, who reveals that Frijoles de Oro is in need of her talents. As a publicity stunt, Frijoles de Oro hires both Maria and Trompeto to act as Mexico's first superheroes. Maria reluctantly agreed to don her former persona of Chesty Sanchez, only to help with her parents' expenses. Given a new costume, advanced technology, and sidekick Trompeto, Maria could now wage a war on crime. It was during her first adventure that she discovered the drug and gambling scandal that ended her career was actually the work of some jealous rivals. Having her name cleared and saving Mexico from certain doom, Maria was once again popular with the citizens of Mexico City.

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