DC Introduces Cheshire to the New 52

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Me too. Since I heard about Red Hood and Outlaws, I knew she could be great character for the series. my afraid was that she would have appearance like Teen Titans or maybe Young Justice (which isn't that bad). He might have some Roy Harper´s character development but not as love inters for now as he dating or having relationship with Starfire. But I would like see Lian back.

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WOO!!! Where's the mask?

#53 Posted by lifeboy (1675 posts) - - Show Bio

Her sexy little kimono is a win! But I agree that she needs her mask; it just looks better.

#54 Posted by The Stegman (26595 posts) - - Show Bio

Jeesh, people are really freaking out about the mask...she didn't really wear it pre Flashpoint anyway...

#55 Posted by ClintsEvilTwin (76 posts) - - Show Bio

@zeeguy91 said:

@m3th said:

Where's her mask?

Cheshire didn't always wear a mask. In fact, I think she hasn't worn a mask in the majority of her appearances.

But the mask is so cool

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@akbogert: I know that I was extremely angry about it! I really do hope she appears back alive again. Because her character does deserve some spotlight that she never had. I grew to love her in Young Justice, so I think the comic book counterpart should deserve the same.

#57 Posted by iceslick (810 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like this design by the way, Chesire looks awesome here and I hope she become more interesting!

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@clintseviltwin: I'm not saying that its not or that they shouldn't add one. I'm just saying that she never wore one in the comics before.

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so a team of cat themed villains?? by the by chesire made her debut in Grifter last year but she was going by her first name Jade. glad to see her in her cheshire gear though

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@m3th: she doesnt wear one. that was only in the tv show. young justice was an alternate universe, very little that happened in that show is real. like in the real dc artemis is not really cheshire' sister, artemis is a villain, etc

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Glad they're bringing in an official Cheshire version instead of running with that Niko nonsense. So we have Shiva, Cheshire, one would have to believe Cass will eventually appear in some variation.....fingers crossed.

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@iceslick said:

@haydenclaireheroes: Artemis already appeared and sadly she's already dead. She appear in Teen Titans and I think she lasted 2 issues, I don't remember exactly. It was terrible the way they introduced her.


I hope they find a way to revive her. Because it was a waste of potential character.

Agreed. I loved Artemis in YJ. Introducing her in TT just to kill her is typical Lobell writing - shock value > plot and potential for future stories.

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Why isn't she a mutated Cheshire cat that smiles ridiculously? I mean, look what happened to Bronze Tiger.

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@m3th said:

Where's her mask?

She never really worn a mask from what I can remember reading the comics.

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Not a bad look at all I say, but then again I am biased toward Brett Booth's rendition. Go Cheshire!

#66 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1757 posts) - - Show Bio


#67 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (6747 posts) - - Show Bio

Well as long as she's hot I love it.

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Noice picture.

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Bronze Tiger, Cheshire... RHATO is getting better and better. When will she make her first appearance? I have to mark this day in the calendar...

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Why can't the publisher just let the characters appears in the comics. Getting tried of comics is released though the media.

#71 Posted by Aiden Cross (15526 posts) - - Show Bio

Like the character, hate the look

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Before Young Justice,.. i didn't know her. But hey, it's gonna even out the 1:2 girl to guy ratio. Let the orgy commence.

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Stop fussing about the mask. When did this character ever wear a mask? The television cartoon took a lot of liberties. (Though fortunately not too many.) Cheshire never wore a mask. She goes by Jade but her real name is unknown. There is no evidence that it is Nguyen. She is not related to Sportsmaster, the first Tigress, Paula Brooks, or the the second Tigress, Artemis Crock. There is no reason to assume the character who appeared in the Culling was Artemis Crock. That character could have been using the code name Artemis while her real name is something else, while Artemis Crock is the other way around. Furthermore, since no Earth 2 characters exist in the mainstream New 52 Universe but there are new versions of them on the new Earth 2, one can assume that Paula Brooks, Sportsmaster, and the first Icicle will apppear in Earth 2 and no longer exist in the main DCU. And since it seems that Jade and Obsidian, not to mention the rest of Infinity Inc do not exist due to their parents being their age, I believe it is safe to assume that Artemis Crock, as well as her husband, the second Icicle, who is also the son of the first Icicle, would not appear.

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Since she's the real Cheshire.. what's with Niko claiming to be her?

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i like the design

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