DC Introduces Cheshire to the New 52

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Posted by G-Man (37691 posts) - - Show Bio

DC has been introducing designs for new characters lately on their website. Today they have provided the look for the return of a character many have been asking for. Cheshire.

You can see from Brett Booth's designs that her appearance won't mean good things. According to DC, she will be appearing in the pages of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS and will have a connection to Jason Todd's past. We all know she had a connection to Roy Harper as well so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. It's also mentioned that she may have a connection to Bronze Tiger as well, whose new look was unveiled last week.

Source: DC Comics

#1 Posted by M3th (2099 posts) - - Show Bio

Where's her mask?

#2 Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf (7043 posts) - - Show Bio

Not digging this outfit at all. There is something about it that makes it unpleasing to the eye.

#3 Posted by fables87 (1058 posts) - - Show Bio
@m3th said:

Where's her mask?

Maye she smiles and has huge teeth.

#4 Edited by Zeeguy91 (1168 posts) - - Show Bio

@m3th said:

Where's her mask?

Cheshire didn't always wear a mask. In fact, I think she hasn't worn a mask in the majority of her appearances.

#5 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2841 posts) - - Show Bio

@m3th: she doesnt wear a mask in the comics

#6 Posted by akbogert (3227 posts) - - Show Bio

Ooh, a new face in RHatO. Cool to have one of these reveals relate to a book I'm reading :)

#7 Posted by AweSam (7376 posts) - - Show Bio

She could use a manicure.

#8 Edited by BR_Havoc (1338 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah I think she needs a mask as part of her design. Oh well Booth has missed the mark on everyone of his redesigns so why should this one be different.

#9 Edited by ThanosIsMad (2235 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick gets Shiva, Jason gets Cheshire, what world famous female assassin will Tim get?

#10 Edited by nappystr8 (1143 posts) - - Show Bio

Roy will be happy. Kori...maybe not so much?

I like the design. And she never had a mask before young justice, no reason to start now.

#11 Posted by snarkybits (386 posts) - - Show Bio

Pic didn't load until I was scrolling down...thought it was Cammy

#12 Posted by blkson (785 posts) - - Show Bio

Young Justice and Teen Titans completely distorted my view of her. Even though I knew she never wore a mask prior to those shows, her character just doesn't feel right without it now. Cool design though.

#13 Edited by Or35ti (1101 posts) - - Show Bio

It's alright. Not as great as the Bronze Tiger we saw last week tho

#14 Posted by Brownghost (47 posts) - - Show Bio

@zeeguy91: i think young justice fans think she wears a mask in the comics.

#15 Edited by Zeeguy91 (1168 posts) - - Show Bio

@awesam: One of her abilities in the comics was that her nails were laced with poison.

#16 Posted by blkson (785 posts) - - Show Bio

@zeeguy91: i think young justice fans think she wears a mask in the comics.

She wore a mask waaay before Young Justice. She had a mask on Teen Titans, which is where Young Justice's creators got the idea for the mask from.

@or35ti said:

It's alright. Not as great as the Bronze Tiger we saw last week tho

DC website says she's connected to Bronze Tiger somehow. I wonder how.

#17 Posted by TDK_1997 (15080 posts) - - Show Bio

I like how she looks but I don't like the blades coming out of her boots.

#18 Posted by Jake Fury (19160 posts) - - Show Bio
#19 Posted by Kneepawn (46 posts) - - Show Bio

@zeeguy91: More like EVERYTHING she had was laced in poison lol her skin, hair, telephones, keyboards etc. haha

Sure hope this means theyll add Catman in soon though.

#20 Posted by Billy Batson (58268 posts) - - Show Bio
#21 Posted by Theorder14 (1586 posts) - - Show Bio

C'mon Cassandra Cain, when is it your turn? T.T

didn't Grant Morrison state that she would appear one way or another?

#22 Edited by millennium (208 posts) - - Show Bio

@omgomgwtfwtf: compared to her one piece bathing suit with stripper boats look that she had in the pages of grifter last year this is a way better look for the character

#23 Posted by FatFriar_16 (167 posts) - - Show Bio

@m3th: Doesn't need one =)

#24 Posted by The Stegman (25506 posts) - - Show Bio


#25 Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf (7043 posts) - - Show Bio

@millennium: I liked the naughty pirate look she had before. This one I think is a little convoluted. I can't tell if they're going for an Asian theme or like a native american theme. It's very odd to me, that's all. Perhaps it will grow on me in time.

#26 Posted by Grey56 (753 posts) - - Show Bio

Full disclosure; I have no real exposure to the character. That said - it's a clean, sleek look which accents what are the already nascent characteristics of the character. I'm not terribly bothered by a lack of a mask, either...maybe she's a reporter by day and wears glasses to keep her identity secret.

@kneepawn said:

"Sure hope this means theyll add Catman in soon though."

Agreed here though - he's a sharp character.

#27 Posted by LordRequiem (1323 posts) - - Show Bio

Bret Booth seems to be doing a lot of redesigns. Not that I'm complaining. Dr. Fate looks awesome.

#28 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (9248 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe we will see Artemis next

#29 Posted by OutlawRenegade (1251 posts) - - Show Bio

So Bronze Tiger becomes an animal but Cheshire stays human? I'm more pissed about Ben Turner's new look. He better be an active shapeshifter...

#30 Posted by iceslick (805 posts) - - Show Bio
#31 Posted by KnightRise (4785 posts) - - Show Bio

@brownghost: Thats one of the things added by YJ that was pretty cool. Maybe they'll reintroduce her as Sportsmaster's daughter and Artemis Crock's sister.

@kneepawn: the League of Felines! XD

@millennium: @jake_fury: Like BB said, that was a character using the name Cheshire. Her actual name was Neko; Japanese for cat. This is the real Cheshire, Jade.

#32 Posted by Psycho_Soldier (123 posts) - - Show Bio

Another un-Liefelded character yay!

Lobo, Cheshire

who's next?

#33 Posted by CitizenJP (609 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh nice! She looks awesome!

#34 Posted by SmashBrawler (5978 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh. Mediocre design.

#35 Posted by No_Name_ (17409 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes! I like it!

#36 Edited by akbogert (3227 posts) - - Show Bio

@iceslick said:

@haydenclaireheroes: Artemis already appeared and sadly she's already dead. She appear in Teen Titans and I think she lasted 2 issues, I don't remember exactly. It was terrible the way they introduced her.


I hope they find a way to revive her. Because it was a waste of potential character.

Yeah, I found out about her recently and was livid to find out not only that she died but the way they killed her. They literally brought her into the book -- in a story called "The Culling," no less -- for the express purpose of murdering her.

#37 Edited by VioletPhoenix (305 posts) - - Show Bio

Just keep salting that Young Justice wound DC :'(

#38 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10180 posts) - - Show Bio

With no midriff..it's Hard to like, but it's okay

#39 Posted by Petite_Oiseau (242 posts) - - Show Bio

O_O I love it

#40 Posted by fodigg (6148 posts) - - Show Bio

Better than the new 52 Lady Shiva at least.

With no midriff..it's Hard to like, but it's okay

It has a midriff, it's just a leather piece that matches the tone of her skin. It's like a bandoleer.

#41 Edited by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10180 posts) - - Show Bio

@fodigg: A bare midriff is what I want.

#42 Posted by Black_Claw (3042 posts) - - Show Bio

There only one word I have to say: Giggity.

#43 Posted by fodigg (6148 posts) - - Show Bio
#44 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10180 posts) - - Show Bio
#45 Posted by Jmenna07 (14 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been waiting for the return of Cheshire!

#46 Posted by Delphic (1528 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually like the new outfit.

#47 Posted by czechoslovakia (147 posts) - - Show Bio

has she always looked more caucasian than Vietnamese? i don't know too much about her, but her last name is Nguyen so i assumed she would look more Asian....

#48 Edited by Vitalius (2110 posts) - - Show Bio


There is some fan-theories that Jason Tood ´s younger brother in this case sister is Cassandra Cain. And I think they said that his brother would appear on series again in an interview.

#49 Posted by QuantumVertex (50 posts) - - Show Bio

I want the mask

#50 Posted by daredevil21134 (12365 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully she hookes up with up Jason.

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