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Cheryl Porter is a US citizen who has spent many years living and working abroad. That's where she met her husband Geoff, who is a sailor. Cheryl dreamed of settling back in the US with Geoff but unknown to her, Geoff actually worked on a smuggling ship.


Cheryl Porter was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist George Tuska. She first appeared in "The Man Who Killed Tony Stark!" in Invincible Iron Man #23 (Mar. 1970).

Major Story Arc

Cheryl enlists the help of Tony Stark

Cheryl and her new husband Geoff went on their honeymoon cruise on the same ship in which Geoff worked as a smuggler. At the time the ship was secretly transporting Titanium Man to America. Cheryl overheard Geoff and the ship's Captain speaking of their illegal activities and feared if the police find out, Geoff may be killed in a gun fight. Cheryl instead decided to anonymously inform Tony Stark about Titanium Man so he could send Iron Man to capture his old enemy. Soon Iron Man arrived and defeated Titanium Man and also ensured the ship's crew were all captured. The ship's Captain found out it was Cheryl who snitched on them and hired an assassin called The Mercenary to take care off her. Geoff managed to warn Cheryl so she could escape and Cheryl once again enlisted the aid of Tony Stark who successfully protected her from The Mercenary, albeit with inadvertent help from Vincent Sandhurst.

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