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Story: "Slumber Party from Hell"

Penciler: Larry Welz

Author: Larry Welz

Inker: Larry Welz

Cherry Poptart, Patty Melt, Lola Palooza and Ellie Dee use a ouji board in an attempt to contact the spirits of the dead. In doing so, they accidentally bring Elvis Presley back to life, but the meeting is short lived when the Ghostbusters show up and capture the apparition. Quickly after-wards, Patty notices a strange erect penis protruding from the center of the ouji board. Mistaking it for John Dillinger's, she touches the penis which transforms her into a hellish demon and compels her to masturbate with a crucifix. A priest immediately enters to exorcise Patty, but the possessed girl pounces on him to perform fellatio. The priest then engages in intercourse with her, but the orgasm sends him crashing through the wall. Next, a couple of religious televangelists stop by to try their attempt, but Patty

breathes fire at them, forcing them to retreat in panic. Finally, the "Earth Mother" is summoned through the ouji board, who screams at all of the evil spirits inside patty to leave. The spirits fearfully comply, returning Patty back to normal. The Earth Mother then explains that to close the portal opened up by the ouji board, the five of them must form a naked circle and dance around it. As per Patties, suggestion, the females follow up by getting high and performing cunnilingus on each other. After creating enough energy, the Earth Mother manages to close the portal and then vanishes.







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