Question about Justice League animated and JLU's Cheetah

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Did Dr. Emile Dorain from Batman TAS did this to Barbara Ann Minerva?

It's a theory of mine that maybe when she was Barbara Minerva that she use to work for Dr. Dorain and saw his research on monkeys thus she was vowed to never speak to anyone about this but spilled the beans thus give him a bad name as he left to his private island. Then years later he escaped from Arkham and used a new improved T99 formula with the DNA of a cheetah as he knows Babs loves cheetahs and decides to break in her house as he injects her with the formula thus Cheetah was born.

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She was a guinea pig........she reveals in the episode "Injustice for All" that she volunteered for the experiment
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@cattlebattle I know that on "Injustice for all" but do you think she worked for Dorain before and probably knew of his works? remember him? and do you think Dorain's creation would fall for Cheetah? i'm sure they would make a cute couple.

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