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One of the dead Amazons was resurrected by Bellona in the Bath of Erinyes and given the gift of the spirit of Magaera, the speed of a cheetah. She was ordered to kill Amazons loyal to Wonder Woman and take their bodies back to the Morrigan. Then Cheetah, Giganta and Artemis went after Wonder Woman herself. They were winning, but Dr. Psycho intervened. He got rid of Cheetah by ordering her to chase down the moon, that disappears with the dawn. Morrigan gathered the scattered team, and Cheetah and her allies were sent after Wonder Woman again. They managed to catch up with her in the hospital, and attacked her again. However, Wonder Woman had learned some new tricks, and using her lasso, showed Cheetah and her allies that Morrigan lied to them. Cheetah and others joined with Wonder Woman and attacked the Morrigan. The Morrigan were too strong however, and killed Cheetah and Giganta.

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