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Cheeky Weekly was a British comic published every Monday by IPC Magazines Ltd. It ran for 117 issues from (issues dates) 22 October 1977 to 2 February 1980, failing to be published for 3 weeks in December 1978 due to an industrial dispute. It merged with stable-mate Whoopee!, initially as a 16-page pull-out section. The title character originated in an earlier comic called Krazy as a character in the strip The Krazy Gang and also the star of the 'Ello, It's Cheeky feature, and proved popular enough to get his own comic, which managed to outlive Krazy itself. The first issue came with a free "Red Jet Rattler" (a build-it-yourself model aeroplane). Its characters and strips included:

Cheeky's Week, Lily Pop, Mustapha Million, Paddywack, Walter Wurx, Disaster Des, Jogging Jeremy, Sid the Street Sweeper, Ursula the Usherette, Elephant On The Run and Calculator Kid.

The lead character Cheeky was portrayed in a red and black striped sweater with a large C on the chest. At one point the comic gave away a free knitting pattern so readers could knit their own.

Note: issues of Cheeky Weekly were unnumbered. To keep the volume in chronological order the issues have been numbered by their cover date YEAR/MONTH/DAY. For example, 6th October 1977, would be 771006.

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