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Chat is a mutant, and her power enables her to talk with animals. One day when walking on town with her friend Emma Frost, she was saved by Peter Parker from a falling sign. Emma used her telepathy to find out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Chat just had switched schools and coincidentally she went to same school as Spider-Man. She likes him a lot and they started dating. She however hasn't told Peter that she knows his secret yet. Cloak and Dagger sought Chat and were concerned that she might have been kidnapped; as she was working in a traveling zoo and visited orphanages with it, but disappeared. Chat explains that she has left her old life behind, for some reason. Overall she seems secretive, and gets guarded when the subject moves on her mother. Chat has joined Blonde Phantom's detective agency, because her ability to talk to animals, it's a perfect way to get information without being noticed.


Chat makes her first earth-616 (the Main Marvel Universe) appearance in Spider-Girl #4, helping Anya Corazón after her father's death. They quickly become friends and Chat promises Anya to help her buy new clothes. She is later seen together with other good friend Rocky Flint when they visit an art-gallery. She seems to be interested in a painter named Kevin.

It's unknown if this version of Chat has mutant powers.

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