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Taking the name Charnel.

Charnel has hunted the timestream, ploting revenge and world conquest from the future, past, present and alternative realities.

In the alternative future know as Earth-8410, A.I.M. 2020 lost interest in the Strucker Family, turning their back against them. Baron Strucker V decided to get his revenge. When he was contacted by Spratt to help repair Death’s Head (the freelance peacekeeping agent) after it had fought Minion. However Strucker revealed his hidden agenda to bring down A.I.M. and killed Spratt, next putting his plan in motion he used necromancy to merge his body with that of the mechanoid Death’s Head and became the first incarnation of Charnel. Strucker next headed to A.I.M. and accomplished his goals of revenge by killing all of the A.I.M. 2020 members, aside from Evelyn Necker who escaped, however he took his plans a step further by taking the A.I.M. time belt, allowing him to travel to the past to destroy A.I.M. there as well.

Unknown to him, Death’s Head II, Tuck, Dr. Necker, and the Avengers of Earth-9939 (an Earth where Charnel had taken over and hunted everyone, one by one. More commonly know as Earth-Charnel) all traveled to the same point in time in attempts to stop him. Charnel burst up through the floor and threw the Scarlet Witch to the side. Next She-Hulk tried to attack him, but he snapped her neck. Rhino was the luckiest one as he was thrown threw a plate glass window.

Having absorbed Scarlet Witch's powers.

However as the Death’s Head Minion approached him, Charnel felt a familiar sense wash over him as Death’s Head Minion explained that it was his former mechanoid body that composed Charnel. Getting way over his head, Charnel blasted Death’s Head Minion, nearly killing him. Wolverine, Captain America, Dr. Necker and a recovered Rhino all attacked him but it was useless and he spoke “Without magic you can’t defeat me!” However the Scarlet Witch, who recovered, heard this and prepared a hex bolt. Somehow Charnel instead drained most of her power. He then underwent a transformation and mutated into the monstrous form that would come to rule Earth-Charnel. He demonstrated his power by killing Wolverine with a thought. But without him knowing Death’s Head Minion placed a second A.I.M. time belt on Charnel and then told Scarlet Witch to user her remaining hex power to activate both belts at the same time. The result split Charnel in two; sending one to prehistory (Kite), the other (Koot) to the thirtieth century.

Dr. Necker (creator of the Minion series cyborgs) found Kite in the year 1831. She approached him in New York and claimed she has a “business proposition” to make to him. She took him to Pacific Vista Lab, California (a modern version of A.I.M.) where she held him for some time before turning him into a Minion Cyborg, making him the Death’s Head III. She believed him to be too weak from the surgery and put in a stasis. Once more Strucker took the winning chance and freed himself, took an A.I.M. time belt, and was desperately trying to find Koot. He didn’t find him in the thirtieth century but rather in the year 9786 AD, in the 100th Century. Reunited with his other-self, he fused, turning into a new Charnel.

In his "Charnel" body.

But his presence in the future didn’t go unnoticed; Death’s Head Minion, Tuck, and the their new comrades the Requiem Sharks [Smart, Stealth (Eliza Clare Necker), Switchblade] . They attacked him, but hardly made a scratch on him. Smart was rendered unconscious during the battle and Stealth and Dr. Necker dragged him from the battle. This attracted the attention of A.I.M.’s security troops, who Charnel killed rather easily along with Switchblade. Knowing that their fight would end in a loss, Dr. Necker activated a synapse disruptor that she had implanted in Kite while keeping him prisoner, and this lead to Charnel being dysfunctional. In that moment they summoned a temporal warp which Charnel sought to absorb, but taking this opportunity, Death’s Head Minion shot him with powerful blast and overloaded him. It is widely believed that he finally perish.

Powers & Abilities

Charnel had the superhuman strength of Death’s Head's mechanoid body, durability, and futuristic weaponry. He can use his abilities in magic to increase his strength, durability, and size to incalculable levels, and regenerate after virtually any wounds. After absorbing the Scarlet Witch’s powers he could reshape reality, and killed people with just a thought - it would be by this form that he would go on to take over Earth-9939. He lost this powers after his body was split in two by Death's Head II.

Alternate Realities


Strucker merged with Minion.

The events of this Earth happen during “What if Death’s Head had lived?”. In this reality, Death’s Head managed to escape from Minion destroying him by teleporting away. However, Minion continued with his next target, Reed Richards, and it traveled to the present time. It fought Mister Fantastic and taking advantage of a moment of weakness, it killed him and assimilated his skills into himself. It then returned to 2020 where Baron Strucker the V used his necromancy to trap Minion and become one with him, making this reality's Charnel. The Dr. Necker of this reality offers Death’s Head quite a large amount of money to fight Charnel, so taking a time belt from A.I.M., he traveled back into the past to recruit several heroes; Luke Cage, Captain America, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Thing, and War Machine. Charnel easily finishes all the heroes while Death’s Head watches. Finally Death’s Head jumped into the battle taking on Charnel in a barbaric way. Knowing he wouldn’t win this way, he activated a synaptic scrambler that momentarily disrupted Charnel. In that momen,t Reed Richard’s personality took over and he paralyzed Charnel. Taking this moment Death’s Head killed Charnel once and for all.

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