New 52 Charlton Team?

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So with DC doing their New 52 one of the big things to be happening is the plethora of teams. Also (at least with the couple characters I've looked at) they seem to be looking a lot farther back in a character's history for inspiration on their New 52 version, such as the Question being much more like his Charlton version (among Rorschach and his JLU version). Either way how would everyone feel about a new team of New 52 Charlton characters? If you think it would be a cool idea what would your lineup be? Really we can choose from the Sentinels of Justice lineup (Captain Atom, Nightshade, Blue Beetle, and Question), a New 52 version of Watchmen (Captain Atom, Nightshade, Question, Blue Beetle, Thunderbolt, Peacemaker) although I think this version would be WAY too close to Watchmen with how much they overshadow the originals already [Edit: DC no longer has the rights to Thunderbolt so this lineup couldn't happen anyway], or the Living Assault Weapons lineup (Captain Atom, Nightshade, Blue Beetle, Question, Judomaster, Peacemaker, and Sarge Steel). I know most of these characters are far from the original Charlton versions (especially having Jaime Reyes on the team) but I just think it would be a nice tip of the hat to see their newest incarnations together again and a very interesting story. I personally would go for the LAW lineup but your thoughts? Thanks! (This is my first forum topic post!)

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I wouldn't mind

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I'd prefer to have them on Earth-4, away from everyone else. The only thing I'd use from Watchmen is to bring in Ozymandias if DC cant use Thunderbolt, & Silk Specter as seperate characters. But use Cap, Question, Beetle, & maybe a Peacemaker that is maybe a little more like Comedian than anyone else is like their Watchmen counterparts.

Give then a version of Hal, Guy, John or Kyle using the Starheart GL powers, & a speedster.

I'd mix & match giving them other characters outside of Charlton, Vixen, Booster, Fire, Ice, throw in some JLI.

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I prefer to just reboot the Watchmen into the main earth so we can see Ozymandias vs Batman, Dr Manhattan vs Superman, and Watchmen vs Justice League.

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Personally, Having The Watchmen Universe Characters in the DCnU would be a horrendous Idea. Let sleeping dogs lie. There is no reason for it. If there were to be a team of Charlton Heroes, I'd prefer they show up on Earth 2. Mostly because I'm a Ted Kord fan. He's who I grew up with, and he's who's ride I'd steal. Nothing against Jayme. The Earth 0 versions have become too diluted and DC centric. Nothing left of the Charlton era. (not a bad thing really.) Earth 2 is clearly the home of The Justice Society, but I remember a Time when they were the only heroes on Earth 2. Having a more diverse Earth 2 would be a big benefit for me. I'd revive L.A.W as an Earth 2 team, maybe led by Terry Sloan like how Maxwell Lord ran JLI, or Sarge Steel like Steve Trevor is running the new JLA. Use all the Charlton Heroes. Captain Atom, but closer to the original Silver armed blue body suit version, not the Manhattan Wannabe of Earth 0. Making a 'Fox Features' Phantom Lady Inspired version of Nightshade should be easy, If Thunderbolt is Ozymandias right, give him some pants and pit his mind against Sloan for control of the Team. Use 'em all. Diversify is what I say......However, I have a Better Idea, Make an Earth 4 Comic. Make it dark and complex like the Watchmen Universe...hell make it a Vertigo Title. DC had plans to continue the Watchmen Universe, but those plans never came to fruition, I see no reason why They can't use those plans on the Charlton line.

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