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In the year 1966, Charlotte was a medical student at NYU. Her boyfriend and friends were part of the "hippie" crowd and one day they convinced her to try LSD. When she woke up the next day, she was able to see and feel the entire history of anything that touched her lips. This caused Charlotte incredible discomfort and the doctors could not help her. She soon stopped eating.  
One day her friend told her to try a mystic, which Charlotte reluctantly did. She found Madame Xanadu, who told her she had empathy powers and her drug use had awakened them. But, her powers were working in the wrong direction. Madame Xanadu told Charlotte there was no turning back and her only choice was to try to control her powers under her guidance. 
Initially, Charlotte did not accept but soon returned and took her place as Xanadu's apprentice. 

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