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Charlie and Mortimer get tangled up in a magical heist and it is up to them to undo the crime by learning the secret of the magic wand.


Charlie and Mortimer attend a magic show put on by the Great Voodini. The act includes making things disappear from one place and reappearing in another. After the show, the boys head backstage so that Charlie can interview the magician for a school paper. They look around (Mortimer almost gets beheaded) before seeing the Great Voodini run off in a hurry. They find a note from a man called the Black Spot that sounds menacing. They try to leave but the Black Spot finds them and mistakes them for the Great Voodini. (Charlie had put on a fake beard.)

The Black Spot marches the boys to a sewer and has them climb in. He then has them use pickaxes to break through a wall into the Continental Diamond Exchange. Lastly, he orders Charlie to make the vault disappear with the Great Voodini's magic wand. Unwittingly, Charlie does so. A night guard discovers the robbery and alerts the police. The Black Spot is caught but the boys are not. They want to make everything right and figure that they need to learn the secret of the magic wand. Charlie accidentally makes a carpet fly and boys head to Bombay.

In Bombay, they find a fakir who takes the boys to the home of the maharaja, where the Great Voodini should be performing. The boys mistake the maharaja as the Great Voodini and try to rip off what they think is a fake beard. They end up in jail. The fakir finds them, however, and helps them escape. His motives are not entirely pure, as he has been ordered to stop the boys from learning the secret of the magic wand. He fools the boys into entering a box that he locks up and tosses into the sea. Fortunately, a saw fish cuts them out and they escape.

The boys soon find the Great Voodini and tell him their woes. He agrees to teach them the secret of the magic wand if they will agree to do a trick so epic as to wow the other magicians. Miraculously, they do so. The Great Voodini happily gives over the secret of the magic wand. He then asks how the magic was done and they explain how it was really just a cheap trick - not magic at all. The magicians grow angry that their secret is wasted and chase the boys down to get it back. Charlie had planned ahead and has a plane ready to get them out of Bombay. They learn that the secret to making things right again with the magic wand is simply saying the command backwards. They get home and return the diamond vault to its rightful place.

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