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Charlie and Mortimer's wake-up service goes international, as they are needed to wake a slumbering bullfighter. Things don't go as planned and both boys end up as bullfighters.

Note: Extra stories are told on the back of the cover, as well as inside each cover.


Grampaw Snerd is very rudely awakened by Charlie and Mortimer. The boys have started a wake-up service and nearly talk Grampaw into signing up for it until Charlie gets too cheeky. They lament a lost opportunity until Skinny runs up and informs the boys that a foreigner is looking for them. They find Señor Don Pedro, who wants them to accompany them to Bulldozia to wake up his main bullfighter. Failure to do so will result in his business going bankrupt.

The boys fly to Bulldozia and attempt to wake up Pauncho. He won't wake up until he hears which bull his is fighting, el Cyclone. Pauncho not only wakes up, but quits Don Pedro's services immediately. With no bullfighter, Don Pedro demands that the boys find a replacement. Mortimer is elected.

Charlie leaves Mortimer to get prepared. He finds el Cyclone and tries to bribe to bull to be nice by giving him some bubble gum. El Cyclone scares off Charlie, who drops the entire box of gum in the bull's pen. Just then, a woman finds Charlie and informs him that Mortimer is suddenly unwell. Charlie finds his friend in bed and realizes that he must fight el Cyclone.

The fight begins and Charlie does his best to fight el Cyclone. He does a horrible job. Mortimer sneaks in and tries to help Charlie by tossing him a book on hypnosis. Hypnosis does not work. Charlie soon abandons his sword and runs frantically around the arena. As certain doom looms, the bull snorts out a huge bubble. He must have consumed the entire box of Charlie's gum, as the bubble grows bigger and bigger until it pops and launches the bull backward an onto Charlie's abandoned sword. The bull, and Charlie, quits bullfighting.

Señor Don Pedro awards Charlie for the bullfight but then takes the money back, claiming that Bulldozian dollars are not allowed out of the country. He then leaves the boys to find their own way home. They find a sad el Cyclone and ride him home.

Home, Charlie tries once again to make Grampaw Snerd a client. He agrees, but then takes it back once Charlie is cheeky again. Charlie then learns that Mortimer is out of the partnership. Mortimer has a new partner. Charlie is woken up the next morning to Mortimer's new partner, a rooster.

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