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Charles Robert Darwin (1809 - 1882) was a British naturalist who presented compelling evidence that all life on Earth had evolved from common ancestor. His theory of evolution had become widely accepted by the time of death. His theory on natural selection being the primary process of evolution would not see sufficient support until the 1930s.

Marvel Apes

Charles Darwin once pissed off the Ancient One (Earth's now-deceased Sorcerer Supreme) and got mystically exiled to the Planet of the Marvel Apes for a couple weeks. He immediately drew the attention of L-ook-i (God of Mischief), who proceeds to split Darwin into three forms (Human Darwin, Ape Darwin, and Future Human Darwin). Eventually, Future Human Darwin uses super-science to transform Human Darwin into the Low Evolutionary. Eventually Future Human Darwin and Ape darwin are rejoined into one person and sent back to the regular marvel universe, the Low Evolutionary stays in the ape universe, but leaves earth to travel the cosmos.

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