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Brief History

The exact age of Barnabus has not been mentioned. He has been mentioned as working for Ulysses Bloodstone for years, not necessarily indicating Barnabus was born earlier than the 20th century. Followingt the death of his client, Barnabus started tracking down his closest living relatives and potential heirs. Eventually locating Elise and Elsa Bloodstone, respectivelly a former wife and a daughter of Ulysses.
Barnabus welcomed the two ladies to the Bloodstone Manor in Boston, Massachusetts. He soon started discussing with Elise on her plans for the Mansion and the rest of the Bloodstone estate. He agreed to not inform Elsa on Ulysses' monster-hunting career. Elise soon earned his respect. To his disappointment Adam (the Frankenstein's Monster) had not wasted time on providing Elsa with information on her legacy.
Barnabus did not have time to complain about it. Two Nosferati vampires invaded the Mansion. Swiftly incapacitating Elsa and Adam, while abducting Barnabus. Barnabus discovered he was only the lattest of several vampires abducted by the Nosferati, including Dracula himself. Lord Nosferatu, their leader, was experimenting on ways to have his vampire variant prey on all others. 
Elsa, Adam and Tomas Dluga soon arrived and freed Barnabus and Dracula. Dracula and Adam co-operrated in exposing the Nosferati to sunlight, killing them. Barnabus hid under Dracula's cape and survived. He felt deeply indebted to Elsa afterwards.

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