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The harsher the battles they face, the hotter their fire is.

Height: 5'7'' 1.524m

Weight: 199lbs 90.2648kg

Notable Charizard

His skin color is red but his inner wings color is a dark blue. He accompanies Ash, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in Ash's journey to victory of becoming the best trainer. They all meet up with Ash's friends (Misty and Brock). In some cases Charizard is very cooperative but sometimes he just sleeps and ignores Ash's commands. Charizard is a fire type and is one of Ash's strongest pokemon.

Charizards Moves:

-Heat Wave

-Flame Thrower


-Steel Wing

He eventually learns Fire Blast.

Charizard also learns Over Heat which is used to fight an Articuno while Ash is trying to win the battle frontier.

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