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Cha'rissa is a princess of Saturn, and consort of Jemm.

Story Arc

An arranged marriage

Cha'Rissa is first introduced as the betrothed of Jemm, an arrangement which has been made to keep the peace on Saturn. She was on board the Va'Jacoth when it arrived at the JLA Watchtower. They had traveled to Earth's Moon to retrieve Jemm, after the events of Blood Kin. When J'onn J'onzz boarded the ship she immediately attacked him, having telepathically gleaned images of Jemm's torture at the hands of a disguised Malefic, who had taken J'onn's form. Once the mistaken identity was cleared up and despite her impending nuptials, she expressed an immediate romantic attraction towards J'onzz. Enroute to Saturn, they are attacked by space pirates and offer themselves as hostages (with J'onn taking the form of the still recovering Jemm.)

Imprisoned aboard the ship they work together to confuse and confound their captors, eventually learning that a mysterious creature named Cabal was behind the assassination attempt. During their imprisonment, J'onn and Cha'rissa are intimate, afterwards resolving that the marriage must still go on, since they are both believers in honor and duty.

When the pirate ship is intercepted by the Red and White Saturnian fleets, Cha'rissa uses her position as princess to back up J'onn's authority as a "Maker." Once safely back on Saturn and reunited with Jemm, Cha'rissa protests to her mother that she does not love Jemm. Her mother threatens her with death if she does not comply.

Sexual Healing

After an encounter with Cabal, J'onn had lost control of his body. As a last ditch effort, he asked Cha'rissa to again mate with him, allowing her mental clarity to restore his. She complied and he was restored, although he made it clear she must remain true to her obligations, despite their continued mutual attraction. During a final confrontation with Cabal, she melds with Jemm, powering his Soulgem to defeat Cabal. She and Jemm are married and become the rulers of Saturn.


Reverting from her battle form

Cha'rissa is a White Saturnian. Genetically engineered by the Martians, they share many of the same abilities, although it is implied to a lesser degree, at least in comparison with J'onn J'onzz. Cha'rissa shows prowess as a shapeshifter and has a heightened level of strength. She is also telepathic.

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