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These vessels were created by Heaven for use by the hosts of the Pax Dei and were intelligent craft that communicated telepathically to their operators. This allowed them to brief their angel pilots on important missions and give details on their tasks. They were described as being trans-continuum chariots that were able to manifest in the mortal realm or even allow travel to distant alien worlds. During Asmodel's conspiracy against the Presence, he attempted to silence the guardian angel Zauriel but the Bull Host faced opposition from the Justice League of America. This saw Asmodel personally intervene by manifesting his Chariot on Earth but he was defeated and his rebellion was ended. Afterwards, the Chariot was summoned to stop the empowered Cronus but he simply called it a toy which he destroyed with his sickle.

When the Helmet of Nabu was missing, Malachy of the Pax Dei tasked Zauriel with recovering it from the planet Okoentis. This saw Zauriel being given an Ezekial EL-777 that briefed him on the mission and the target planet when it went through space to deliver the angel to that world.

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