Injustice: Gods Among Us #5

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The Good

While INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US has delivered a mostly dark and shocking tone, it's also granted writer Tom Taylor plenty of wiggle room to incorporate some solid moments of levity (the book toss, Flash carrying Batman, etc). This issue takes a short break from the prequel's dramatic events and delivers a full serving of lighthearted comedy.

Following Harley Quinn and Green Arrow, the two deliver an absurd amount of quips that'll keep you smiling. Watching the two banter back and forth is overwhelmingly entertaining and there's some exceptionally good lines thrown in there (the "arrow cave" conversation, for example). I mean, there's even an entire chat just about Ollie's infamous boxing glove arrow and the logic behind having it is hysterical. Shouldn't that alone earn your curiosity?

STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL - DEATH SENTENCE illustrator Bruno Redondo once again teams-up with Taylor and this issue looks great. There's a more than adequate amount of detail and depth in every panel but what really shines here are the facial expressions. This issue thrives on the personality differences between Ollie and Harley, and Bruno's work does an exceptional job conveying that. It's great seeing the Batman villain's mood shift drastically throughout the issue and Ollie commonly has a fitting look of being unamused with her antics. Additionally, you have a heart of ice if the last page doesn't make you smirk.

The Bad

While taking a quick departure from the dire and depressing events going on between Batman and Superman certainly is a nice change of pace, I can't help but miss it, too. Last week's cliffhanger was absurdly powerful and it left my mind racing. How will Batman and Superman react immediately after such an incident? Sure, we'll get those answers next Tuesday (or at least I assume so), but for now, I'm left selfishly missing a follow-up to that cliffhanger.

Oh, and while the mallet scene did give me a laugh, I feel as though she'd notice a huge weight difference between the two.

The Verdict

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US #5 takes a break from the bleak Superman/Batman/Joker conflict and instead provides us with a consistently funny and fairly heartwarming chapter. Filled with laughs and an engaging "team-up" between Haley Quinn and Green Arrow, this digital comic has won me over yet again. I really can't recommend this title enough.


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