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The Story Arc is broken up into the following Sub-Arcs;

Police Action

The story focuses on a pair of cases for Prowl, as he gathers evidence against Spike Witwicky for his execution of Scrapper, and also investigates the mysterious Ben Simpson, an activist fostering anti-Transformer sentiment. Prowl is attacked by Brawl, who then deactivates him. Prowl suspects the hand of another Transformer in these mysteries, and his investigation leads him to Swindle, who has been controlling Simpson, and sold weapons to Spike to arm Skywatch. Spike goes on the run, and Jazz who is disgraced after killing a human, exploits his compromised position to dissolve the Autobot/Skywatch alliance, leaving Prowl to doubt what the Autobots have to show for their time on Earth.


The main event "Chaos", joins Optimus Prime's Autobots as they arrive on Cybertron and confront Galvatron, after the events of Heart of Darkness. Galvatron with Vector Sigma plan to destroy the D-Void. Unfortunately the Heart is actually an extension of the D-Void, and is manipulating Galvatron into opening a portal that will allow it to consume the living universe. D-Void takes control of the Decepticons that Megatron had Teleported to Cybertron along with Galvatron's army, creating a giant monster. Megatron dispatches the monster by blasting it with is Plasma Cannon. Optimus Prime and Rodimus pursue Galvatron to Vector Sigma's chamber, where Optimus opens the Matrix of Leadership and eradicates the D-Void.

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Collected Editions

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