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CHAOS WAR tie-in! What method or madness lies within the mind of the CHAOS KING? Witness the first strikes of CHAOS WAR here! As darkness blankets the stars, only the gods of Zenn-La, homeworld of the SILVER SURFER, remain to oppose the Chaos King before he begins his march on the final battleground: Earth! And Earth’s first line of defense against this unstoppable evil? IMPOSSIBLE MAN!? All this, and the destruction of Hell itself, written by BRANDON MONTCLARE, and brought to life by living legend M. W. KALUTA!

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one of mine first and favorite comicbooks 0

This comic is one of my first ones that I have ever read and yet me tell you I loved it and i think its what got me into reading comic books, what i really likely about this book was that we get to see inside the head of the chaos king and what he is after, what he wants, and how that he sees himself as the truly merciful and kind one by destroying everything, I really like the art of chaos king's rampage through out the universe, and my only disappointment was actually that it wasn't longer...

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A war between All and Nothing. 0

My first comic review here in Vine.I trought of making na review to the comic I read and most liked of them all.What happens when Marvel heroes enter a battle of literally all or nothing?That’s what Chaos War is all about,Herc and the other facing an cosmic treat wanting to erase all the multiverse.The Chaos itself Amatsu Mikaboshi is the main character of this one-shot tie-in issue to the Chaos War event and it shows he/it defeating more powerful entites.It’s divided in 3 diferent parts,in the ...

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