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I knew it!  If we weren't more then halfway through the cross over I would not even bother reading the rest.  If you go back and read my review of Siege (I think #2) when Ares died, I tore into their decision to kill Ares.  We had been teased that that issue "an Avenger dies!"...yeah sorta! It was Ares...who was barely an Avenger to begin with (Dark Avengers only barely count) and he wasnt one for very long.  So first they kill a half-pointless character and try to make it seem important and then they resurrect him (and everyone else thats ever died now they can pick and chose to to let live at the end) only months later!!  Not only was it a cheap stupid death (they told us then and there that he would come back so who cares if he was ripped in half) but its an even cheaper stupid stunt to just bring him back.  And not just bring him back...reading this one-shot made it seem like he never really died, just kinda went somewhere else and got in trouble finding his way back.  This entire crossover has been shoddy (with a few great moments, mostly involving Thor and Hercules...ok and I enjoyed Alpha Flight too but that's another issue like this one "let's just bring everyone back and see what sticks!"  Let's just forget about how Marvel swore off large crossovers (that was a pipe dream) and someone please tell Marvel to stop! Just because you release 15 books that have a common banner, doesnt make it a good storyline

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

In fairness Aries was also on the Mighty Avengers so he's a full fledged avenger and that kinda happens with all marvel characters they never truly go away they just wait in line in the underworld to be brought back to life anyways nice rant.

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