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Ares = Good, Chaos War = Meh

This is a one shot of two halves, one excellent and one boring. 
We start out seeing what happened to Ares after The Sentry ripped him apart and this is really good, it's something that Marvel should have addressed earlier. The great thing about the gods of Marvel is that they don't truly die, there's more to Ares story as death is just the beginning for him. I wish Marvel had made a mini series showing Ares' struggles to reach the elysian fields, the first half of this one shot is showing that and it's so bloody cool!!! Good art with plenty of minions and Ares looks totally fuckin hard. 
It all falls apart though once the chaos king makes an appearance, I really don't care about the Chaos War it's a poorly laid out cross over that doesn't fit in the timeline continuity of any of the Marvel books. I don't feel one bit invested in the storyline and dropped it pretty early on, I picked up this one-shot just because I like the Ares character. Anyway so the Chaos war comes in and I get bored pretty quickly, the promise of the beginning of this issue all fades away and I just wonder why Marvel have bothered with this Chaos War???


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