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Introduced in February of 2013, Channel 52 features Bethany Snow, Ambush Bug, Vartox and Calendar Man as news anchors. The "news" that is presented pertains to current events in the DCU.

Presenters Molly Mayne and MC2 from Earth-2 were introduced in Week 14. In this universe the name Channel 52 is changed to Channel 2. Although both shows break the fourth wall it is not clear if they are aware of the existence of the different universes or each other.

It is rumored that Freddie E. Williams II;is writing and illustrating the Channel 52 news panels though there are no credits in the comic issuer and this rumor hasn't officially been confirmed (or denied).

[It's probably Dan DiDio - Ed]

Broadcast History

Week 01 - 02/13/2013

Bethany Snow

Katana was seen in San Francisco's Japantown fighting a group of ninja She seems to resemble a hero member of the Justice League of America

Calendar ManSuperman & Wonder Woman kiss is celebrated by their fans
VartoxBlue Beetle, Green Lantern (Jediah Caul) and Captain K'rot are shown as participants of The Hunted

Week 02 - 02/20/2013

Bethany SnowNightwing was seen in Chicago, a city with zero tolerance towards masked heroes
Ambush BugMister Terrific, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Animal Man and Amethyst are reported as missing persons
Calendar ManSuperman & Wonder Woman relationship is rumored to be over as she was seen teaming up with Orion

Week 03 - 02/27/2013

Bethany Snow

The Teen Titans were seen fighting Firestorm, as he seems to have gone rogue

Raven was seen but not identified, she seems to be related to the Teen Titans

Ambush BugHawkman, member of the Justice League of America, is rumored to be in danger as he faces the Shadow Thief
Bethany Snow

Breaking News: Robin died in the conflict between Batman and Leviathan

Bethany ends the broadcast with tears in her eyes

Transmission Interrupted - "please stand by"

Week 04 - 03/06/2013

Ambush Bug

Bethany Snow is still on leave following her emotional breakdown after the announcement of Robin's death the week before

Calendar Man was apprehended in Gotham while trying to investigate about Robin's death

The Phantom Stranger was seen but not identified, he seems to be connected to several unexplained phenomenons

Vartox is reported to be missing after being sent to investigate The Phantom Stranger

Ambush Bug teleports out of the studio to report about The Teen Titans and Firestorm conflict but fails to get an update

Week 05 - 03/13/2013

Bethany SnowSuperboy and Supergirl presence on Earth raises questions about their origins and intentions towards the planet
Ambush BugDetective Chimp is interviewed about the status of magic and its consequences - Constantine is mentioned
VartoxThe First Lantern is in conflict with the Green Lantern Corps, his victory could lead to Earth's destruction

Week 06 - 03/20/2013

Bethany SnowMister Freeze was seen in Gotham fighting Black Canary and Batgirl - The Court of Owls and Batman were mentioned by him
Calendar Man

The Justice League of America was introduced by President Obama - Martian Manhunter is shown as a member

Vibe's role in the team is questioned

Ambush BugAmbush Bug has technical issues while trying to report from Atlantis after its conflict with the surface world

Week 07 - 03/27/2013

Bethany SnowSuperman held a press conference to discuss about the discovery of his ice fortress in the Arctic
Calendar ManVandal Savage is suspected to be the oldest man alive after a history exhibit showed his image through different eras
Ambush Bug

The Trickster is held prisoner in Iron Heights accused of murder

The Flash entered the correction facility right before a conflict broke out in its surroundings

Week 08 - 04/03/2013

Ambush BugGotham citizens are being transformed into giant bats that slaughter and feast on innocents
Bethany SnowMichael Holt will not be pursuing legal actions for the damage to his properties against Power Girl
VartoxVartox discards his report after hearing about Power Girl and declares her his future queen

Week 09 - 04/10/2013

Bethany SnowThe Suicide Squad is discovered to be working under government orders - Harley Queen is shown as a member
Calendar ManA new female Robin is reported to be operating in Gotham by different social media sites
Ambush BugNightwing, Batman, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Hood and Red Robin are shown as part of Gotham vigilantes

Week 10 - 04/17/2013

Ambush BugSupergirl and Power Girl were seen fighting each other
Bethany SnowCatwoman participation in the Justice League of America came to an end after she was admitted in Arkham Asylum
Calendar ManGreen Arrow and Vibe's future in their team is questioned

Week 11 - 04/24/2013

Bethany Snow

The Teen Titans were seen in New York's Time Square fighting Trigon

Ambush BugAmbush Bug reports from Gotham in its annual First contact celebration with Vartox and Calendar Man

Week 12 - 05/01/2013

Bethany Snow

The Movement reported videos of Coral City's Police Department officers assaulting minors

This organization is rumored to have super powered individuals as members

Calendar Man

Animal Man has been nominated for an award for his work as an actor in the film Tights

Power Girl is shown with a new look

Batwing is shown with a new look and operating in Gotham

Week 13 - 05/08/2013

Bethany Snow

Bethany Snows addresses the possibility of inaccurate statements while reporting for the news show

Ambush BugAmbush Bug introduces the Channel 52 Threat Assessment that will help in their reports

Week 14 - 05/15/2013 - First transmission from Earth-2

Molly Mayne

A new Batman was seen in Cambodia, an image of him was found in a security camera

The original Batman is known to have died defending Earth from Darkseid's invasion


Red Tornado was seen but not identified in New York while saving the life of children from a fire

Parademons were seen and reported repeatedly by civilians, this led to the creation of a new emergency line

Molly MayneA new Superman memorial will take place in California

Week 15 - 05/22/2013

Bethany Snow

The Green Team, a group of teenager trillionaires, are seen as a menace to society


Sunturians invaded Metropolis

Superman and Orion are fighting in Metropolis, Wonder Woman's love is believed to be the cause of the conflict

Week 16 - 06/05/2013

Bethany Snow

The Green Lantern Corps, the Universe officers of order, control willpower with their rings - Five members are from Earth

The Sinestro Corps, named after their leader, harness the power of fear in order to create their hard light weapons

The Blue Lanterns represent the power of hope and are believed to amplify the power of other lanterns around them

The Orange Lantern is a one man corps hoarding the power of greed

The Red Lanterns wield the power of rage and can regurgitate napalm blood - One of its members is a cat

The Indigo Corps wield compassion and are a mystery as they move as tribe and speak an incomprehensible language

The Star Sapphires have the power of love and what seems to be an all female roster

Relic is shown as a threat to the balance in the Universe represented by the existence of these corps

Week 17 - 06/12/2013

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug has been nominated for several Volkspartei Wahl Awards in Germany

Pandora is a threat to the world according to many magic users

Zatanna, Constantine and Detective Chimp refused to be interviewed about the matter

Pandora seems to be related to The Phantom Stranger and The Question

Week 18 - 06/19/2013

Bethany Snow

Bruce Wayne relationship with Batman Inc. and his frequent disappearances are put on debate by bloggers

The debate leaves different theories about how Bruce Wayne spent his years out of the public eye

Calendar Man

The theories were put on Channel 52's website and viewers were asked to vote for their favorite one; presented by Calendar Man:

5th place - Bruce Wayne never actually left Gotham but was hiding in his mansion writing about conspiracy and alien abductions.

4th place - Bruce Wayne used his fortune to travel back in time and meet the alien at first contact - Bruce is shown looking like Booster Gold.

3rd place - The real Bruce Wayne died in a para-sailing accident and Wayne Tech uses robot doubles to keep the stock prices up.

2nd place - Bruce used his fortune to travel the world and learn what it's like to have a real job instead of living off his inheritance.

1st place - Bruce Wayne is actually Aquaman.

Week 19 - 06/26/2013

Bethany Snow

The Joker's daughter is rumored to be living underground in Gotham City

Ambush Bug

Gotham City is still recovering from the Atlantis attack - Black Manta is presented as a threat to the city

The Flash was seen fighting Reverse Flash

Relic has the upper hand in his conflict with the different Lantern Corps

Bethany Snow

The Justice League and The Justice League of America are rumored to be in a tense situation with each other

Superman and Marian Manhunter are shown as members of those organizations

Week 20 - 07/03/2013 - Second transmission from Earth-2

Molly Mayne

The World Army is fighting enemies from Apokolips in Dherain (a country on Earth-2)

Steppenwolf's Hunger Dogs are shown


Green Lantern and The Flash alliance with The World Army could be essential for the survival of humanity

Sandman, The Atom and Red Arrow are shown as part of World Army

Molly MayneTransmission Interrupted - The broadcast is suddenly ends when Molly Mayne is about to wish the World Army good luck.

Week 21 - 07/10/2013

Bethany Snow

The First Super Hero Appreciation Convention and Costume Contest takes place in Metropolis

Calendar ManProtestors show their discontent with the event and costumed vigilantes
Ambush BugAmbush Bug comments on the strangeness of the event dressed as Power Girl while Vartox wears a hotdog costume

Week 22 - 07/17/2013

Bethany Snow

Wonder Woman and Orion defend London from an unidentified army

Ambush BugThe army attacking London is identified as Jackalmen - The scale of the conflict is shown on the Threat Assessment screen

Week 23 - 07/24/2013

Bethany Snow

The Joker's daughter was reported and described by witnesses that claim that she lives underground in Gotham City

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug report from Gotham City's underground confirms the existence of the Joker's daughter

Bethany Snow

Calendar man went missing while reporting with Ambush Bug

Week 24 - 08/07/2013 - Channel 52 commercial

Week 25 - 08/14/2013

Bethany Snow

Gotham's undergound is being run by criminals - Catwoman, Black Mask and Joker's Daughter are linked to this issue

Ambush Bug

Calendar Man's been missing for over a week, he was last seen hile reporting from Gotham's underground

Week 26 - 09/18/2013 - Channel 52 commercial

Week 27 - 09/25/2013

Calendar Man

"This World is Ours" is the phrase the Crime Syndicate used to announce their arrival to our world

They lead the Secret Society an army conformed by super powered criminals

The Crime Syndicate is conformed by Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, Deathstorm and Atomica

During their first broadcast to the world they declared the Justice League of America to be dead

Grid is responsible of the worldwide outage of power and communications and a member of the Crime Syndicate

The Crime Syndicate invation freed Calendar Man from Gotham's underground

Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve, Blackgate, Iron Heights and Stryker's Island have all been breached and their inmates released

Week 28 - 10/02/2013

Calendar Man

"Aeternus Malum"-"Forever Evil" - with that mantra the Crime Syndicate decimated heroes and command the Secret Society

The Crime Syndicate revealed Nightwing's secret identity as Richard Grayson and promised to kill his associates

Arkham Asylum is run by its inmates with and all out war as result

Bane is making his way to Gotham City

Week 29 - 10/09/2013

Ambush Bug

The Green Lantern Corps are reported to be in conflict with Relic, this conflict could lead to many casualties


Relic's mission is to exterminate all the corps - The possibility of Earth as his next target is mentioned

The gambling colonies consider that the Blue Lantern Corps will suffer the worst casualties from this conflict

Week 30 - 10/16/2013

Bethany Snow

After her last battle in London different sources claim that Wonder Woman has become the God of War

Ambush Bug

The Hollywood Screen Awards have been attacked by super powered terrorists that claim to have hostages

Animal Man is nominated for best actor award

Ambush Bug is attacked by a tentacle monster

Week 31 - 10/23/2013

Bethany Snow

A massive wave of violence has broken out in Metropolis, Superman is nowhere to be seen

A Gotham underground special will give insights on Catwoman and Joker's Daughter and news on the search for Calendar Man

Week 32 - 11/06/2013

Calendar Man

Bane took advantage of the worlds missing hero population gaining control of Blackgate after the Crime

As part of his plan for Gotham he is looking for the remaining Court of Owls' Talons

The Penguin is acting as the new Mayor for Gotham and has given territories to the different Arkham inmates to rule over

Speculations rise about sightseeings of Scarecrow in regard to his relationship with Gotham's new overlords

Week 33 - 11/13/2013 - Channel 52 commercial

Week 34 - 11/20/2013 - Channel 52 wishes you Happy Batsgiving

Week 35 - 11/27/2013 - Channel 52 commercial

Week 36 - 12/04/2013

Ambush Bug

The whole Green Lantern Corps were seeing on the move in a mission to rescue their new leader

Hal Jordan is the new leader of the Green Lantern Corps

Week 37 - 12/18/2013 - C52000 newsfeed makes its debut in the year 3000

Ambush Bug

Cadmus' Wonder Twins introduce their new Justice League conformed by clones of the original team

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