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Chandra Manda used to babysit Lian Harper, Roy Harper's daughter. She knew Roy's secret identity, that he was Arsenal, and spent a lot of time at Titans Tower

She was born and raised in New York, but her grandparents were from country of Qurac, and she could remember her grandparents talking fondly of it often. She was shocked when she discovered Lian's mother was the assassin Cheshire, who had blown up the country of Qurac. She ran off with Lian when first finding out, but was found by the Titans, who brought her back to Titans Tower, where she talked to Roy. She was angry with Roy for not telling her and for ever having a relationship with Cheshire in the first place, after all the terrible things she had done. But she did forgive Roy for not telling her, and continued babysitting Lian.

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